What are you dreaming about? Maybe go to Black Sea or climb Kazbegi? Fly to Mestia or go rafting in Tusheti? Discover Georgia on a journey that will take your breath away.

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Tours in Georgia – more than 15 destinations

We are adventure lovers creating active outdoor tours and tailor made tours in Georgia. Our team is in love with the work we do and the country we live in. We travel a lot and test tour programs on ourselves. So we do know the recipe for a great journey. We carefully gather the most interesting and amazing sights in our collection, so you could start your Journey to Gerogia with Archeotour.

Georgia has a lot to offer, vast diversity of nature and climate, ecosystems, cultural differences and ethnic traditions – a dreamland for an explorer. We provide in whole Georgia with 70 adventurous and yet comfortable journeys.

We operate all-year-round, so you can experience snowmobiling, hiking, culinary tours, leisure tours or one of our ethno programs during the winter season. Or you can spend summer vacation enjoying trekking, rafting, jeeping, going local and admiring the tradition and culture of Georgia. You may join one of Archeological programs, real “into the wild” style or participate in a comfortable tour along the Georgia`s East to West. Visit Georgia and this will be your best travel experience!