Tours in Guria

   Guria is the smallest region of Georgia, surrounding with Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti from the north black sea in the west and Adjara from the south. Its charming nature, mountain resorts, clear waters, food and wine should make this region very attractive place for tourism development. Due to its breathtaking landscape, cultural heritage and other attractions that you will see with your own eyes, we decided to implement tours around this region as well. Guria is immersed in various mysteries and legends we thought that interesting fact about the region will raise its popularity among visitors around the world.

There is a legend regarding the origin of the region name. Once upon a time there lived a haughty king in India named Shedat He decided to build a Garden of Eden, that way inhabitants would consider him to be God. When servants noticed that there were no angels in the garden, Shedat commanded vassals to go around the world in order to find Guri (beauties) and bring them to Eden. They fulfilled king's order and gathered all the Guri throughout the world, when returning back to India through the Caucasus they found out that the king had passed away. Guri decided not to return to their homelands or to go in Eden, instead they stayed in Caucasus at the place which now is called Guria.

guria, georgia