Rafting tours

If you are a rafting enthusiast or extreme lover with scarcity experience Archeotour offers tours for everyone to different parts of the country. Necessary “infrastructure”- mountains, rocks and, fast rivers which nature created by itself provides perfect conditions extreme tours to be implemented. That style of extreme sports became really popular in 1980’s. Rafting in Georgian language is called "Jomardi”. Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity where people navigate on a turbulent river with help of inflatable boats. The rafting season in Georgia begins around April and lasts for 6 months until the end of October. Even rafting is divides into several categories depending on the complexity of the river. Class I stands for the easiest routes whilst Class IV is the hardest and often can be life-threatening. We can offer travelers all kinds of rafting categories according to their willing, experience and physical preparation. For further and detailed information please use description of the particular tour or please contact us.

 rafting tour in georgia