Tours in Samegrelo

 In ancient times that territory was part of the Colchis kingdom, known as the Land of the Golden Fleece. It is very rich with its archaeological artifacts and beauty of nature. Climate creates great conditions for subtropical flora and fauna that you will not come across in eastern part of Georgia. Sameglo boasts with spicy and delicious traditional cuisine. That part is mostly populated by Megrelians. Samegrelo in Georgian can be defined like "the land of Megrelians".

 As we already mentioned that region is well-known for its historical and cultural heritage as well with caves, mineral springs and coastal marshes. Egrisi mountain range situated in the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the northern part of Samegrelo makes the landscape very attractive and picturesque place to visit. Those who come here instantly fall in love with the atmosphere of Samegrelo.

samegrelo, georgia