Mountain Climbing

   Due to our unique geographical position among Caucasus Mountain ranges we have possibility to offer adventure seekers and extreme lovers wide range of interesting mountaineering, trekking and climbing routes.

   Ushba mountain peak which is elevated up to 4,710 meters, Shkhara with 5,201 meters of height and Kazbegi with elevation of 5,068 meters, seems to be the most popular peaks for extreme seekers.

·         Glacier of Ushba is a steep hill with two - North and South peaks. Ushba is considered as one of the most difficult peak to climb on. Both - South and North peaks are full of rocky, icy and snowy steep slopes, those features make mountaineering very difficult task and requires serious physical skills.

·         Shkhara is second highest peak in the Caucasus mountain range after Elrbus and is the highest point of Georgia. The word "Shkhara" means nine in Svan dialect, the name was called after nine mountain peaks of Shkara.  The mountain greets mountaineers from around the world and offers variety of climbing paths.

·         Kazbegi is another high and the most beautiful peak of the country. Kazbegi is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus mountain range. That part of the country is quite wild with capricious climate and considers as the one of the most important climbing and trekking areas in the Caucasus region. Georgian people call this mountain "Mkinvartsveri" which means "ice peak". Climbing Kazbegi seems to be easier compare to other glaciers in Georgia, since that mountain has technically easer routes you can fully enjoy with your extreme trip and will have nothing to worry about especially if you are accompanied by our qualified guides.


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