Tours in February

February in Georgia is a unique experience that every traveler should try. The country, located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has a rich culture and history that makes it an ideal destination for adventure seekers. With its mountainous terrain, mild climate, and stunning landscapes, Georgia has something to offer everyone.

One of the must-visit attractions during February is Tbilisi's Old Town. This part of the city boasts beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and ancient churches which are perfect for strolling around while enjoying the scenic views. Another highlight is skiing in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Kazbegi mountain resorts known for their excellent ski slopes and panoramic views of Caucasus Mountains.

february tours in georgia

February also marks the beginning of wine season in Georgia. Wine enthusiasts can indulge in some tastings with locals as they celebrate their love for wine-making across various regions like Kakheti or Kartli Valley.


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