Tours in Adjara

 Autonomous Republic of Adjara is administrative region of Georgia. It lies on the coast of the Black Sea that part of Georgia based on Lesser Caucasus is known with greenery, beautiful nature and distinctive plants. In the southern-western corner of Georgia travelers can see confluence of sea branches and mountain ranges, crystal clear waterfalls and tropical forests.  If you are looking for exotic experience tours around Adjara will be a perfect idea.

Delicious national dishes especially Adjarian Khachapuri which has its own story hiding behind the shape of the meal is very interesting – the shape of khachapuri is relevant to the boat and yellow egg in the middle stands for the sun. That is how Adjarian people express their love and respect to their territory. Adjara gives travelers tremendous range of active leisure: rock climbing, hiking, hunting and fishing. This region is also famous with natural healing mineral springs. If you would like to spend sunny summer days on the black sea coast, to get unforgettable adventures and to see subtropical botanical garden of Batumi we recommend  our routes.  

adjara, georgia