Tours in Imereti

  The attractiveness of Imereti , its historical landmarks, sacred cathedrals, bridges above the rivers, monasteries and caves are features which describe the region. It is impossible not to fall in love with Imereti   what's more even people in this region are special full of hospitality. Origin of many traditional dishes comes from Imereti , it is also very abundant with museums and recreation.

 It is impossible not to fall in love with this region and city - Kutaisi, which appears to be the main part of the Imereti.

Kumistavi (Prometheus) Cave is the biggest karst formations in Georgia it surprises visitors all year long. 

Okatse canyon which is located 50km away from Kutaisi is another picturesque sightseeing it has towpath along the cliff and waterfalls.   

Most importantly here you can visit Sataplia which is consider as a very important landmark, since here you can be witness of prehistoric time a massive trace of dinosaur and the karts formations all hidden in the woods will amaze visitors.

A boat trip from the karst cave, canyon with turquoise water mosses on the rocks, woods and warmer climate makes this region very agreeable during May to September.

imereti, georgia