Yoga Retreat tour in Georgia

Yoga tour package includes daily yoga classes and excursions to different parts of Georgia.

We combined a few attractions which will let you spend leisure time in the coastal city. We also offer hiking to national parks.

Relax tour

Besides yoga classes you will have chance to visit the highest mountain village in Europe – Ushguli

Offering yoga retreats is perfect to explore yourself from the inside, to devote some time to relaxation as well as meditation.

 As we already mentioned during the indicated tour you will visit a distant mountain village which is located in the northern part of the country. It is also the highest populated settlement in Europe.Together we are going to conquer the mountain in order to be admired and impressed by the panoramic view of the Caucasus.

On quiet days you will enjoy yoga classes in nature. Vegetarians, according to their desires of course, will be provided with additional and special treats by our Company.

  You can use our support service and ask any question to get further information regarding booking or tour implementation. 

 yoga tours in Georgia