Archeological Expedition

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From 8 years old
Group size
12 people
6 days

Archeotour is a premier travel company that specializes in providing unique and exciting travel experiences to history enthusiasts and cultural adventurers. Our mission is to help travelers discover the rich history, traditions and hospitality of Georgia. As a local tour operator, we offer a wide range of tours that focus on archeology, eco-tourism, photography, and more. Our tours are carefully crafted to provide travelers with an in-depth understanding of Georgia's cultural and historical heritage, as well as its stunning landscapes and natural beauty.

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Archeological Digging on the mount of Khvamli

Khvamli Mount illustrates cultural heritage and magnificent ambient conditions spreading in the ravine of Tskhenistskali and Rioni. It is covered with Jurassic period limestone and presents the continuation of the mountain range of Nakerala. It elevates at the altitude of 2002 m from the sea level and consists of rocky relief from the south while on the north side it is sloppy. Its south cliff is at an altitude of 300 m and it actually represents the biggest rocky relief in the country. The top south plateau is stretched forward like the Peninsula encroached in the sea.

mountain khvamli

River Aski Water used to flow along the East side border with Lechkhumi while the north side was separated from Svaneti with the “Lechkhumi mountain range ”. Khvamli mountain was bordered with Unagi mountains from the west and Gorga mountain from south. The Rioni border line was directed to the Lekhidri ravine.According to historical sources this side was the part of Imereti Kingdom-Racha and was surrounded by Racha, Svanet-Odishi, Okribi and Imereti. Finally, it has been the territory of Racha or Odishi.

mountain khvamli

Lechkhumi was divided in two part – upper part, that united villages of Tskhenistskali  ravine from village Gogra up to Muri, Lajanuri ravine and part of Rioni villages: from Aski Water to Lakhepa; Lower part- used to stretch along the Rioni ravine from the river Lekhidri source up to its conjunction.

Archeological Digging on the mount of Khvamli

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Expedetion includes

  1. Professional group of archaelogists who will lead a group
  2. official licence for he archaeological site
  3. Transportation and Transfer
  4. Accomodation - in camp site or a family hotel
  5. Dinner
  6. Archeological instruments and all necessary equipment

Expedition dates depens on the expedition sight.

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